My Analysis of Infrastructure Cost and Reliability of Architecture Patterns for Deploying a Timetabling Application on Cloud

This project was completed as part of the business and tech research for a timetabling application. The research was submitted as my capstone project for completion of my Masters in Computer Science Degrees, and has since been submitted to the conference Advancing Technology, Research, and Collaboration (ACM). You can view the paper here.

For this research, our team developed a minimum viable product for the timetabling application, and then tested the reliability and cost for deploying various internal architecture patterns to AWS. The timetabling application takes in scheduling constraints and options in an excel file, and spits out a fully constructed schedule that adheres optimally to those constraints. The timetabling is meant to be used in the high school context, and was developed in collaboration with our colleague Richard Hoshino's work. The following video explains our project and the finding from our research:

The following slides summarize major elements in our research, and display the architectures we tested, as well as the results we recieved.

Capstone Presentation Part 1 Capstone Presentation Part 2 Capstone Presentation Part 3

You can find view the MVP demo video that one of my colleagues created here: